William ‘Bill’ Myers



Occupational Abilities: Credit Rating, Flattery, Riding, and any five abilities you choose.

Special: You may use your Credit Rating pool to call on personal connections in any field of endeavor. These contacts will generally be relatives, old schoolfellows, and similar people of your social class.

Drive: Adventure

Art History 1
Anthropology 1
Cryptography 1
History 2
Languages (I) 4
Law 1
Library Use 1
Occult 1

Assess Honesty 1
Bargin (I) 2
Credit Rating (3+) (I) 7
Flattery (I) 2
Reassurance 2

Outdoorsman (I) 2

Athletics 8
Driving 1
*Electrical Repair 2
Firearms 4
First Aid
Fleeing 8
Health (1) 8 = 9
*Mechanical Repair 4
Piloting (I) 7
Preparedness 3
Riding (I) 4
Sanity (4) 4 = 8
Scuffling 4
Sense Trouble (I) 7
Stability (1) 6 = 7

Pillars of Sanity

  • Patriotism
  • Epicureanism; living life to the fullest

Sources of Stability

  • Jane Watson; the assistant that keeps his life running while he is too busy gallivanting around the world
  • Col. Jarvis Smyth; wartime friend, almost as well travelled as he is

Bill was born into money. Lots of it, and it gave him advantages. A good education (Princeton), connections (including some from a rather dubious secret society at Princeton), and his choice of posting in the Great War. A choice he used to indulge his love of flight and which led to him serving under a British officer by the name of Col. Jarvis Smyth with whom he became good friends.

Since his parents death in an automobile accident, Bill has (technically) run the family business. In truth there is little to do as it has grown large enough that the various parts of it mostly run themselves with Miss. Watson tracking Myers down on the odd occasion that something actually needs him to make a decision.

William ‘Bill’ Myers

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